Elizabeth Hayes-Different Hats Orchestra

Elizabeth Hayes


Lizi has been singing since infancy, and she has been performing as a professional for the past nine years. Her vocal style has been compared to Peggy Lee, Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney Linda Eder, Karen Carpenter, Etta James and Stacey Kent. Her voice is fresh, clear, appealing and has been metaphorized by one fan as "oxygen over velvet." She attended Central State University, where she was the lead vocalist for the Jazz Band. Lizi travels nationally, especially in the tristate area, and has attracted many appreciative fans. Every Wednesday she sings for the Social and Ballroom Dancing at The Event Connections in Dayton, OH. Lizi is also a nationally recognized young artist, and her vocal abilities are evenly matched by her talent with paint and canvas. She is certainly a beautiful, talented young woman with a bright future! 


Ron Hartwell Different Hats Music

Ron "Rex" Hartwell


Ron has an impressive resume, including a degree from Berklee College of Music, and several European tours over the past two decades. Here, at home in Ohio, he has years of experience as a professional musician- and a day job teaching private lessons. As a musician, Ron amazes his audience with his proficiency on multiple instruments- including tenor sax, alto sax, bari sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, piano, guitar and recorders. During performances, Ron uses his years of experience conducting and arranging to bring the music to life. He also functions as an MC and a DJ when the need arises.