Sponsors and Venues:

We wish to thank all of our sponsors and event hosts who have been generours in their support of Different Hats Music.

Metroparks River        Five River Metroparks         Riverscape

Living Social   20150211 152433000 iOS   20150211 152304000 iOS

HBO Event BoatHBO Event Dance Floor 

Auburn Car Museum Showcase     Automobile Museum Logo    Auburn Car Museum

Heatherwood Country Club Heatherwood Country Club Wedding

  Therapy Cafe Logo  Therapy Cafe Lounge

Belmont Country Club  Madison Event Center

Ohio Capital Building     Ohio Capital Building Wedding      Chicago Park and Grill

Eagle Tavern             Car Dealer 

21st Century Theater       21st Century Theater Wedding 

NCR Country Club         01279a667f236a767d2ed77fa6cbddcbf45bd9d5e2      Evans Motors

        Toledo Country Club      The Worthington Inn

CMC2    CMC1